Why Join KY FSA?

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• Steward Assistance: Members are entitled to information and assistance with professional and legal rights on the job. If you are a Kentucky Community College Faculty & Staff Alliance (FSA) member and need help with open records requests, an appeal, third-party arbitration, or if you think that your legal rights have been violated, contact the FSA Steward.

• Professional Liability Coverage: The AFT provides up to one million dollars in professional liability coverage for each member. If you are sued while performing your job and your employer will not provide legal defense, you’re covered with FSA!  Coverage starts after you have been a member for six months.

• Access to Legal Defense

For legal advice and assistance to the union, the Alliance engages the firm of Priddy, Cutler, Miller & Meade, one of the most prominent labor and education law firm in the state.  Coverage starts after you have been a member for six months. 

• A Lobbyist to Advance Your Interests

The Alliance has an outstanding track record of pressing legislation to advance the interests of the community colleges and our members—from fighting to keep tenure to getting pay raises to keep excellent faculty and staff. Alliance members interface with legislators and other policy makers to influence decisions that affect us.

• Access to local and state Alliance meetings, training and support network

Statewide biannual meetings of the FSA Council and Committee on Political Education include information and training to benefit all members. Local campuses hold meetings to collect and disseminate information and to address issues of state and local concern.

Connected statewide, the Alliance gets news about what’s happening on all the campuses. And members get information and support from other members.

• Alliances with higher education and other unions to make an impact on policy makers in Frankfort and in Washington

The Alliance is an affiliate of the more than one-million member American Federation of Teachers, the largest higher education union in the nation. We are also an affiliate of the AFL-CIO with over 100,000 members in Kentucky. Numbers talk.

• Information About Higher Education and Political Trends that Affect Your Career

Every Alliance member receives On Campus, AFT’s acclaimed journal focusing on the most current higher education issues. American Educator, another outstanding AFT publication, encompasses a wide range of issues affecting educators—from teaching philosophy to civil rights. And, of course, KCCFSA provides information and analysis of issues that affect Kentucky’s community colleges.

• KY TELCO Credit Union Eligibility

Alliance members are eligible to join the TELCO Credit Union providing discounted banking services throughout the state – members have saved hundreds of dollars using this service!

• Access to AFT Professional Conferences and Resources

The AFT maintains its own legal and research departments to assist its affiliates. It also offers access to national and regional meetings on a wide range of topics.

• Professional Discounts, Including Discounts on Personal Legal Advice

Travel, computers, software, flowers and legal advice are just a few of the items discounted to Alliance members. See the full and ever-growing array at AFT Member Benefits (http://www.aft.org/).

• And Much More!


If you would like to gain the individual privileges and benefits other Alliance members enjoy, download the FSA Application Form right now and return it to Faculty/Staff Alliance, PO Box 1129, Prospect, KY 40059. 






















Current dues for faculty are $32/month; for administrative staff (salaried), $26; and for support staff (hourly; those who are required to complete a time sheet at work), $24.

Membership benefits begin as soon as your application is received at FSA.